In Introduction to Mindful Meditation

With Lori Nazareth

  • Simple Techniques

    You will learn a variety of meditation techniques, allowing you to explore and identify which works best for you as a daily practice

  • Stress Less

    You will learn about how the mind/body accumulates stress along with a variety of techniques to proactively release stress

  • Working with Emotions

    You will learn how to cultivate understanding and acceptance of difficult emotions and move through them compassionately

Who this workshop is for

  • Any person, 18 years and older, who is interested in learning techniques and committing to a daily practice that will reduce stress, enhance creativity/problem-solving, cultivate emotional intelligence and improve overall quality of life

  • Any person who is wanting to find a practice that will help them stay calm & manage stress during the busy days and season ahead.

What you will get from this Workshop

  • Learn how to train your attention to be in the present moment, as opposed to being lost in thought and functioning on ‘auto-pilot’

  • Discover how meditation helps you to respond to situations with conscious choice, rather than with an automatic reaction, which can trigger old habits of reacting or thinking that are unhelpful and can make things worse

  • Become more aware of your thoughts, feelings and body sensations…as they are occurring…moment to moment, giving yourself the possibility of greater freedom and choice

  • Learn techniques to ease stress, balance work/life, stabilize emotions, enhance creativity/problem-solving and mental clarity and improve health

  • With a regular practice, you’ll experience less stress and anxiety, better relationships and healthier boundaries, enhanced self-awareness, emotional healing and overall improved quality of life

  • Each session includes a brief lecture, exercises, meditation practice, open discussion and Q&A

  • Each session includes student handouts that provide additional information on the lecture topic along with additional meditation resources (books, websites, guided meditations, and more).

  • Recorded meditations for personal home practice

What Women are saying

I feel so alert!

Before I started my meditation practice, I really had no awareness around how much of my day was spent on ‘auto-pilot’ – doing one thing, while my mind was miles away. I feel so much more alert and engaged now that I’m able to focus on the present moment. I’ve noticed that I also make fewer mistakes…maybe that’s because I’m actually paying attention!

I’m happier now

For me, meditation wasn’t a magic pill that automatically fixed everything, but I stuck with it. After the first few months, I started to notice subtle changes, I didn’t get triggered as easily as I used to, I felt calmer and more resilient to stress. I noticed that I was becoming more patient with my kids and husband and felt less anger.

I’m learning to say no

As a workaholic, I’ve never been able to say no and have always had really poor boundaries. I’d over-commit, then get stressed-out and overwhelmed. This was a recurring pattern in my life. Thankfully, my meditation practice has helped me to slow down and recognize the things that really matter to me in my life. I feel like I understand myself better and am working at building healthy boundaries.


Lori Nazareth

Lori began her meditation practice in the late 90’s. As a graphic designer working in high-stress advertising environments, Lori found that meditation helped her to stabilize emotions, manage stress and shift from reactive to responsive. Seeing the long-term benefits of her personal meditation practice, Lori guides others in incorporating mindfulness into their daily lives. Lori is certified by the McLean Meditation Institute, Santa Barbara, CA (CMMI). She has additional training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC), and Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness. Lori provides teaching to both individuals and companies throughout the Austin area. Lori is actively involved in Woman Within, serving on the board of the South Central region, she is working to become a weekend facilitator.

The cost

4 week Introductory course
Wednesday Evenings 7:00–8:30 (CST)
October 27, November 3,10,17th

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Only 20 spaces

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