We are so happy that you have found your way here. At the end of this journey you will have a wealth of knowledge to help you understand racial issues, tackle difficult conversations and take action to effect change. We believe that each person has their own answers - we are not here to give you a prescribed view on these issues. Our intention is to offer ideas and encourage you to stretch beyond what you already know and explore new territory, finding what you believe along the way.

(Have you already taken the Journey? The 26-Day team have made some important edits to the content, to take us on a deeper journey into learning and healing. We encourage you to revisit it from Day 14!)

How to take the journey

  • The Journey is available to all adults and all genders, and it is FREE.

  • The Journey is divided into 4 sections, each with a particular theme. We have provided links to videos, audio and articles to explore within each theme.

  • You can follow the daily 26-day practice or you can take it at your own pace.

  • Please follow the materials in the order that it is presented. This has been created with intention.

  • The work of building racial equity can be hard, so please stick with the Journey until the end!

  • In order to get the most benefit from this experience, please use the accompanying workbook (see below)

  • Each month, you may join one of our Racial Discussion Circles, where you can bring ideas, questions and concerns that come up for you during the Journey.

The 26-Day Workbook

This workbook is an invaluable companion to the Journey and is available for purchase for $20.50 (US). All proceeds will go to the Woman Within BIPOC Scholarship Fund, and in doing so will empower Women of Color and Indigenous Women to step into leadership. Workbooks can be shipped to most countries. Please note that shipping can take between 1-3 weeks, so please order today! You will need to start using your workbook when you reach Day 6 of the Journey. You may also download a FREE pdf version, while you wait for the workbook to arrive. Simply start the Journey and you'll find a link to the pdf on Day 1.

A note on self-care

  • To the Aboriginal and Torres Strait people journeying with us: Please note that there are some materials that contain footage or images of deceased persons.

  • To all BIPOC: There may be materials that touch on your racial trauma. We share these materials for the purpose of opening the minds and hearts of those who have not been aware, or understood the gravity, of these traumas. We are aware that this could be triggering and we encourage you to do what you need in order to be safe.

  • To all participants: This journey is a descent, and will take us deeper and deeper into understanding. As we travel together, it will be important for us all to be in our bodies. This means, to be aware of what you are experiencing in your body as you watch and listen. The work of racial healing can be painful. Like the fire that is used to purify something, inner racial work burns away the trauma, allowing the wound to heal, the skin to grow back together, and the body to once again be whole. You will likely experience some kind of pain on this journey. Yet this is what Resmaa Menakem calls “clean pain” enabling “us to engage our integrity and tap into our body’s inherent resilience and coherence...to grow through our difficulties, develop nuanced skills, and mend our trauma.”

What people are saying

Life changing


The 26-Day Journey was life changing and I am beyond grateful that I had the experience of taking this important journey. The course was well -designed and thorough in a way that maximized the experienced for me----I was impacted on a Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Spiritual level as I walked the journey. I loved connecting with women from around the country to discuss each day's journey and feel blessed to have done this work with them. I continue to reflect on what I learned and look forward to learning more on my own. Thank you for this gift!

More confident as an ally


Expertly curated! As a white person, I learned something new every single day. I am now more educated about history and aware of people's experiences with racial injustice. After this journey, I feel much more confident in my ability to be fully present as ally.

My part in the healing


So many voices speaking from their hearts about the impacts of racism deeply connected me to my feelings about my inherited privilege. Many inspired me to look at my part in the healing and the furthering of a new climate of equity.

Deeper understanding


Participating in the 26-Day Journey and sharing insights and experiences with other women brought me a deeper understanding of systemic racism and a renewed commitment to do my own work, to contribute to eliminating racism though positive change, and to engage in the healing of our communities.

Opening the heart


This 26-Day Journey uses media in a splendid way to not just communicate the truths about racial equity , but open the heart to both the beauty of the human experience and the profound suffering caused by injustice.

Learning to listen


I highly recommend this 26-Day Journey. The materials are excellent - the conversations are vital. The work is on-going. To recenter the world - more of these conversations have to take place. Learning to listen, learning to stay curious and ask questions and listen to others' answers -- understanding our place in the systems allows us to bridge with others and begin to address the damage.


Natasha Taylor

Natasha is a Woman Within facilitator, trainer and leader. She has been sitting in circles for over 20 years, facilitating deep healing and transformation for hundreds of women, and more recently, men. Through this experience, she has learnt that powerful sustainable change naturally flows when people show up in their authentic selves, with all their strength and vulnerability. In her facilitation she walks beside people, listening closely to their deepest struggles and gently shining light into the dark corners so that they can see themselves and their lives clearly.


Rebekah Ramirez

Rebekah is a Woman Within Facilitator-in-training and leader. She has been sitting in circles and staffing Woman Within Weekends for over 11 years. Through these experiences, she has been deeply inspired by the diversity of the women she has met. She believes there is immense power and beauty when women share their similarities and celebrate their differences. Her passion is creating space for people to be accepted and welcomed just the way they are. She currently serves as treasurer for the Indiana Woman Within community and as the Director of Diversity and Inclusion for Woman Within International.


Thessa Bos

Driven by a strong sense of social equity and justice and a passion for people and the planet, Thessa Bos is a creative diplomat who thrives on building relationships and connecting people, ideas and processes. Thessa has a BA in Journalism and an MA in International Relations and Conflict Management and has worked in a variety of fields, including journalism, social entrepreneurship and diplomacy. What gives her energy is working with inspired people to develop creative and effective strategies for positive change while learning from her peers and, in turn, being able to motivate others. She currently resides in the Netherlands where she works as a project manager, coach and facilitator for the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Change.