Finding your wisdom through your inner child

With Teresita Fawcett

Do you ever realize that your adult woman is not the one in charge? If you sometimes realize that your wounded child is “driving the bus,” this is an opportunity to revisit your wounded child with compassion and understanding so that you can make a choice about who is running the show. Finding Your Wisdom Through Your Inner Child uses the power of visualization to connect with your wounded inner child and create a safe place for them. Once they are safe, you will have the opportunity to access your golden inner child - a source of joy, play and fun.

Who this workshop is for

It's YOU! (Yes, you!)

  • Anyone over 18, the recording is geared toward women and everyone is welcome

What you will receive from this course

  • Use the power of visualization to connect with your wounded inner child and create a safe place for them

  • Connect with your wounded inner child to help heal the wounded inner child and find the inner golden child

  • Create a relationship with your inner wounded and golden child and connect to your wisdom.

  • A journal to help you connect through the visualisation


Teresita Fawcett

As a certified facilitator in Woman Within and the Lead Guide for circles in Woman Within Eastern, I have dedicated my life to healing myself and others. All healing takes trust. I listen without judgement, I’m gentle when needed and I hold your feet to the fire when needed. I will stand with you until you have the strength to stand on your own. I will keep fighting for you.

What People are Saying

It changed by life

Due to listening to one of Teresita’s visualizations I was finally able to accept the fact that alcohol was ruining my life. Now, over four years later, I remain sober and drug-free and I am immensely grateful to have Teresita in my life.

Support and Guidance

Working with the archetypes was new to me and opened my eyes to how I can tap into inner and external wisdom, and has become something I will continue to utilize the rest of my journey/life. I highly recommend Teresita.

Heal past trauma

If you are willing to look deep within yourself, to heal past trauma or just to get a better sense of who you are- then I would recommend working with Teresita. The good news is you will never be the same.

Creativity, awareness and integrity.

Teresita stands out as a facilitator for her creativity, awareness, and integrity. Her ability to listen (both to people and to the environment), her strong grasp of archetypes, and her skill in creating authentic motion, all made her facilitation shine. She also carries the gift of balancing the sacred and the profane.

The cost

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