Discover Your Woman Within: Pre-recored Webinar

with Char Tosi

  • Know

    To know the fullness of your potential as a woman is a gift to yourself. By stepping into your sacred place within, you can discover your strengths, and learn how to work with your limitations.

  • Opportunity

    In this Webinar you have the opportunity to expand this knowledge and get unstuck from old patterns that may be blocking you from moving forward.

  • Journey

    This 10 week Webinar series takes you on a journey through Char’s book – Discover Your Woman Within: A Journey to Wholeness – covering a chapter a week in 1-hour sessions.

Who this webinar is for

  • anyone and everyone over the age of 18!

  • Men and women are welcome.

  • There are no prerequisites for this workshop.

What you will get from this workshop

  • 10 x 1 hour webinar sessions with Char

  • A 35-page guidebook to support your journey

What women are saying about this Webinar


“The webinar has helped in ways I didn’t even expect. I like that there was time given to explore each archetype on a weekly basis. I cannot express how grateful I am for learning this knowledge.”


“This was the most amazing experience. I cannot thank Woman Within enough for offering this course. I feel it transformed my way of thinking and living and I am so excited to continue to study and practice what Char shared. In some ways, this was much more impactful than the Woman Within weekend. Thank you.”

Crowning Glory

“This was the crowning glory for me of my Woman Within Journey (after 26 years). Brought a tear to my eye and my heart opened wide with each session.”


“This webinar helped me so much to integrate my archetypes. I am deeply grateful for this wisdom and will be working with this for the rest of my life.”


Char Tosi

Charlene Bell Tosi has a bachelor of science degree in nursing from Vanderbilt University; a master of science in educational psychology from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; doctoral studies in educational psychology at Marquette University and certificate in Jungian psychology from the C.J. Jung Institute in Evanston, Illinois. Char founded the Woman Within Training, which continues to offer the program to women across the United States, Europe, South Africa, and Australia. She is also the co-author of Women Empowering Women (Skills Workshop), Woman Within Level 2, Mother’s Shadow, Your Mothers Pillow, Couples Weekend 1 and 2 and the Sexual Self Workshop. She has a private in person and phone coaching practice and leads numerous workshops for couples, men, and women.

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Join Char

Now is your opportunity to "sit down" with Char and learn more about the Archetypes, about hidden and unknown parts of yourself, to take a sacred journey into self.