Inspired Feminine Leaders

With Alison Jane Davis

  • Power

    Redefine your Leadership as a Woman and step into your Radiance, Beauty and Power as a woman leader

  • Connect

    Step out of the scared version of yourself and into feeling confident, fulfilled and connected to all of who you are

  • Lead

    Step into leadership in a new way, bringing feminine energy into your leadership style and become the kind of leader the world needs now


This is a journey of transformation, which  means that you will be evolving yourself to become an Inspired Feminine Leader.


If you don’t feel comfortable in Leadership now, it probably means that you don’t yet have the mindset or the tools to step into leading yourself and others in this new way.


There will be a lot of focus on you to enable you to evolve and embody your Inspired Feminine Leader as we work through the modules, and build the 3 pillars of Balance, Voice and Visibility.

Begin your journey, taking your first step into your radiance and power, so that you can take your place, find your voice and become visible as a feminine leader.

Who this program is for

It's YOU! (Yes, you!)

  • All women. You do not have to have completed the Woman Within Weekend to participate

  • Women on a path of evolution and growth who are curious about the kind of leadership the world needs now

  • Women who are committed to participate in the full 12 month transformation journey

What you will get from this program

  • Redefine your Leadership as a Woman and step into your Radiance, Beauty and Power as a woman leader

  • Stepping out of the scared version of yourself and feeling confident, fulfilled and connected to all of who you are

  • Be empowered to step into leadership in a new way in your Woman Within & other communities, in your workplaces and families

  • Bringing feminine energy into your leadership style and becoming the kind of leaders the world needs now

  • The 12 Inspired Feminine Leader Modules are designed around the 3 IFL pillars: Balance, Voice and Visibility, and structured as a transformation journey

  • Each Module can be seen as one step forward, and the 12 steps build on each other to create the 12 month journey. It’s important to follow the flow, so each module will be released at the beginning of each month. Later, if you choose, you can go back to deepen into specific areas or redo the exercises

  • There will be monthly zoom calls, at the end of each month, one on one coaching as well as a community space to connect

  • During the program you will take on a project to showcase and develop your new found leadership skills

  • You will receive a journal for each module, which will support you in your journey of transformation

Inspired Feminine Leaders Alchemy Circles

Being part of an IFL Alchemy Circle means:

  • Being a member of a committed transformational, collaborative group where the right conditions for magic to occur for all participants are optimized

  • Being inside a structure for learning, inspiration, support, resource sharing, creative brainstorming, and accountability.

  • A safe space to develop collaborative relationships with like-minded women

  • A place to amplify your creative power

  • A place to have fun, gain energy, inspiration and motivation

  • A place to get deeper results and harness the creative and energetic power of the group field to activate, energize and expand possibility


Alison Davis

Certified Feminine Power Transformational Leader, Facilitator and Coach

What People are Saying

Taking my place as a leader

I would like to express my deep gratitude for the teachings I received from you on the Inspired Feminine Leaders journey. I now know that I exist, and that is a wonderful gift I have given to myself. The most important steps have been taken. I am taking my place as a leader in my family, I am able to simply "be" in my family circle to enable the men and women there to also simply be themselves

Learnt to trust

I learnt so much on this journey that it is difficult for me to summarise it all. If I were to share one thing, it would be that I was able to make room both for the little girl inside me, and for my wise woman, and with these parts of myself I am now able to continue my journey surrounded by other women who I have learnt to trust.

Powerful Sisterhood

I met other amazing women on this journey, and such powerful sisterhood in the group. You guide us towards ourselves with care and professionalism. I understood that to become an inspiring leader, I must first attend to myself,. You enabled me to find the strength to take this step towards myself

Deep Gratitude

Thank you Alison for the richness of what you teach, for the magic with which you colour what you undertake. Thank you for showing women and the world the power of women. I experienced that the whole universe is organising around my success when I am aligned. You give hope that anything is possible and that it's time to take my place.

Connected to my heart

I freely show the woman I am. I am a powerful creator. What I bring has impact. I know how to attract the resources I need. I am a free woman, connected to my heart. I am joyful, peaceful and balanced, connected to my intuition, my gentleness, and my ability to organise and lead projects. What a beautiful life journey I am exploring, with the support of each woman in my group.

Gifted Leadership

I want you to know how much the gifts you bring make a difference on so many levels at the same time. Everything you offer works unbelievably deeply and powerfully. I honour your wise, liberating and inspiring soul.


This is a 12 month journey. The modules build on each other. Register before the 1st of May to be part of the journey.

How might your life be different if there were a place for you,?

a place to explore with other women what being a woman in today's world means,
a place for you to connect to the feminine, and to receive
encouragement and acknowledgement of who you are becoming.

How might your life be different if you found a space of inspiration,
where you were helped to discover your own uniqueness, radiance and power?
a place where you found nurturing and support to take a deep internal dive,
to trust your own becoming, and to welcome your inspiring leader?

And if, in this circle of women, you received an abundance of feminine gifts,
if you gained a clearer understanding of what the future asks of us as women,
and you were able to touch the richness within, claim your wisdom, your voice,
and become visible as a radiant and powerful woman in your life, and out in the world?

How might your life be different if there was a sanctuary where you could go,
away from the ordinary busy-ness of life, where you could discover, learn, and rest,
and sit in peace and stillness with other women who you trust and value,
because as women you understood that this is also what is needed.

How might your life be different?