What is your Self Love Language? I was recently excited to realize that we can use the Love Languages with ourselves. This has helped me a lot with my own self care, self love and self respect. In this mini course, I share journaling questions for you to come up with ideas for your own self care using the Love Languages. See which categories appeal to you the most. The ones that do will most likely be your own personal Languages of Self Love.


Alison Davis

Alison is a Woman Within facilitator, coach and trainer. Her mission is to facilitate the balance of masculine and feminine energy in both men and women. In her work, she creates a transformational space where her clients fully express their unique gifts and talents as leaders in their lives, and out in the world. Alison teaches the IAC Coaching Masteries and is the founder and creator of the Inspired Feminine Leaders programs and worldwide community, offering online programs and coaching. She currently serves as President for Woman Within International.

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