Get out of your head and into your body

With Teresita Fawcett & Erika Anderson

  • Self-Connection

    Connect to your vulnerability and your joy and identify what you want or need.

  • Curiosity

    Discover different parts of yourself and learn how to listen to them.

  • Trusting Yourself

    Experience your wholeness as you see how you have the power to heal yourself.

Who this pre-recorded workshop is for

  • Anyone who is yearning to go deeper into themselves, who wants to find their strength from a place of vulnerability, identifies as a woman and is 18 years of age or older

  • If you’re sitting in a circle, this could be especially beneficial for you (and your entire circle)

What you will get from this pre-recorded workshop

  • Awareness: Learn to identify what’s going on for you and connect to it

  • Alliance: Build an alliance with yourself; align your life’s challenge with a solution

  • Confidence: Good facilitators know how to facilitate themselves


Teresita Fawcett

As a certified facilitator in Woman Within and the Lead Guide for circles in Woman Within Eastern, I have dedicated my life to healing myself and others. All healing takes trust. I listen without judgement, I’m gentle when needed and I hold your feet to the fire when needed. I will stand with you until you have the strength to stand on your own. I will keep fighting for you.


Erika Anderson

I lead with my heart; a deep sense of care informs the work I do. I am a certified facilitator for Woman Within and circle guide for Woman Within Eastern. I am also trained in metaphysical healing and in nonviolent communication, a method of conflict resolution. I am passionate about justice with compassion and unconditional love for humanity.

What People are Saying


In a compressed amount of time that never felt rushed, I was able to open deeply within and use the tools that were taught within the training. Coming away with the knowledge that ONLY in ourselves resides the power and insight to heal and break new ground in the search for awareness.


This workshop packs a lot of value into a very short period of time. It should be intuitive that you need to learn how to facilitate yourself before you can facilitate others, but for some reason that hadn't occurred to me. After taking this workshop, I feel much more confident about facilitating other women, because I now have the tools to be my own guide.

I know what is best for me

What I realized after taking this two hour session, was that all the answers truly lie within me. The answers aren’t within others in the form of advice. The ability to sit still and talk to inner parts of myself and really get my own reality was priceless. I know what is best for me- and this workshop proved that.

Positive Change

Learning to facilitate ourselves is a gift. This is a process we can develop to help us access our feelings in a simple, but extremely informative and powerful way and allow us to gain valuable information about why we behave as we do in various situations. This knowledge can be used for positive change

Step by Step Guidance

I felt that the instructor's ability to give step by step guidance to facilitate myself, provide expertise and show a willingness to help, made the class a godsend!

The cost

Pre-recorded Workshop

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