What an honour and a joy it is to be back in connection with the Woman Within Community. My Woman Within Weekend at Gaunts House, 23 years ago sparked a journey that turned my life around. Before I had felt lost, I struggled to know who I was or how to stand firm in my knowing. The work through Woman Within and the Circle Training planted me firmly in rich nourishing soil which I had never felt before. It’s a long process and ongoing of course! Certainly, wasn’t an overnight “pow I’m here” moment! But the soil always felt so grounding and reassuring to be in and grow from.

In the early days I wanted to soak up as much experience of this work as I could. So I staffed many, many times and attended the different levels of workshops that Woman Within presented in the UK. The deep processes always fascinated me... how did this transformative magic work?!?

My curiosity led me to become a Shadow Work Coach - 15 years later. Here I gained more understanding of the principles of the 4 archetypes that are used in Shadow Work: Sovereign, Lover, Warrior and Magician. The processes relating to each one switched on an “aha” light for me around understanding the processes that happen on the Woman Within Weekend. Slowly it dawned on me how these archetypes were all coming into play in Circle work too.

My life journey since the early days of my participation in Woman Within has contained the normal roller coaster but Circles have always been there to support, connect and nourish me through all the ups and downs of family life, moving, work and relationships. I’m so grateful for every woman and man with whom I have ever sat in Circle. Having the space to be honest to myself and witnessing others in their truth has been life enhancing and always nurturing.

I heard a wise person once say that we all need to find a well from which to nourish ourselves regularly in life. That is exactly how I feel about Circles. I am inspired and love the work of Jean Shinoda Bolen and her Millionth Circle concept where she says there is a morphic field of positive transformation for humanity and the earth, and that each sacred Circle contributes to this field. Her 2 books The Millionth Circle and Urgent Message from Mother: Gather the Women Save the World inspired me to step up and share my knowledge. I now combine my Circle work experience with Shadow Work and hold space for women as an Empowerment Coach and Circle advocate and facilitator. Over the coming weeks, I will share with you my perspective and understanding of Circles. I hope you find my musings helpful and inspirational.


Edwina Turner

Edwina went through her Woman Within Weekend in 1998, and since then has staffed many times and attended the different levels of workshops that Woman Within presents in the UK. Her curiosity in what lay beneath/behind/within the processes led her to become a Shadow Work Coach. Through this work, she discovered how the four core archetypes (Sovereign, Lover, Warrior and Magician) come into play in women's Circles. Edwina now combines her many years of Circle experience with Shadow Work, holding space for women as an Empowerment Coach, Circle advocate and facilitator.

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