Take a {Short Pause} and Choose Self-Care Workshop

Marina Galletis & Charisse Fourie

Choosing self-care helps us manage a sense of overwhelm and anxiety, protects us from burnout and enables us to be the most authentic version of ourselves. It can be the greatest gift of nourishment and care not only to yourself, but also to those around you. We would like to invite you to take a {Short Pause} with us for a break from your busy life to recharge, replenish and restore. While there are many ways to practice self-care we are going to focus on self-care by utilising both body and mind approaches and practical techniques to increase awareness. We will do this through small teaching pieces, sharing, and practicing some techniques.

  • Breaking Myths

    We want to break the myth that self-care needs lots of time (and money).

  • Accessible

    We want to show that self-care can be small, simple things that are easily accessible to all of us - even in the most busiest of days.

  • New tools

    We want you leaving feeling lighter and refreshed, so that you can continue to face the rest of your days, weeks, months with optimism and hope.

Who this workshop is for

  • All women over 18 years old

During the workshop we explore:

  • Becoming aware of your emotions, narratives and the body

  • Connecting with your emotions, the stories you tell yourself and your bodily sensations

  • Getting curious about the source of your feelings and emotions

  • Understanding the impact of your internal dialogues

  • Learning how to nurture and care for your body-mind through self-care techniques

  • Practicing mind and body-based approaches that ease overwhelm

  • Becoming aware of the areas of your life that are calling for your attention

  • Learning to listen to the body and the messages it is giving you


Marina Galletis

Marina is a Registered Counsellor who works with adults, children and families focusing on the impact of change, anxiety and all forms of loss and trauma. Marina provides counselling, support groups, facilitation and educational workshops, instilling hope, curiosity and a sense of possibility to help unpack the blocks that keep clients from living the fulfilled life they deserve.


Charisse Fourie

Charisse is an internationally certified TRE® Provider and Wellbeing Coach. She works with adults and children who are struggling with anxiety, stress and dysregulated nervous systems. Charisse provides body based healing sessions for groups and individuals. She empowers clients with self-healing tools and practices for greater connection, calm and wellbeing.

What People are Saying

Putting myself first

It was very beneficial, I learned so much about myself in a calm gentle way and was reminded to pause and take care of myself first.

Practical examples

I think it is an excellent introduction to understanding how self-care can be achieved on multiple levels (cognitive, emotional, social and physical) with the use of practical examples and experiences.

I learnt a lot

I was unsure and slightly sceptical on what to expect but it worked out to be great and I learnt a lot

The cost

12, 14, 19, 21 July
6 -7pm SATS
(South African Standard Time)

Check the time in your country / region

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