What Men Want Women To Know

With Char Tosi

Over the past 20 plus years, I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of men as they explored how their relationship with their mothers has impacted them. The names of these workshops were “Mother’s Pillow” and most recently, “Mother’s Shadow.” At these workshops men wrote letters to their mothers pouring out their pain. These letters were not sent to their mothers; however, the men gave me permission to copy their letters and use them to help in healing relationships.

This workshop is different than the “What Sons Want Mothers to Know” workshop. The men also wrote a letter to themselves that they wished they had received from their mother stating what they needed growing up. I used these letters in the “Sons” workshop to specifically help to heal mother-son relationships and hopefully to avoid wounding their sons further.

It is my hope that by attending this workshop that women will understand the deep wounds of men as you have the privilege of sitting in the circle of men and listening to them as I share their voices with you.

  • Invaluable experience

    I have been privy to the deep mother wounds men carry in their hearts. To experience the vulnerability and honesty of men is an experience that I want every woman to have.

  • Insight

    We explore the nature of the wounds through the lens of the masculine archetypes of Warrior, Magician, Lover and King.

  • Heal and empower

    You will learn ways you can empower the men in your life to heal their “mother” wounds.

Who this workshop is for

  • Any woman who is interested in learning more about how ‘mothering’ energy impacts men in their lives—their sons, partners, clients, bosses, employees, brother, fathers, friends, etc.

  • Any woman who feels their male partner or any other men in their life project their mother wound onto them.

  • Any woman over 18 years of age may attend.

  • There are no prerequisites for this workshop

What you will get from this workshop

  • Find places of understanding how a man’s relationship with his mother impacts ALL of his relationships, especially relationships with women.

  • Discover how men learned about boundaries from their mother and how that plays out in their adult relationships with women.

  • Understand the results of a mother overprotecting or not protecting enough results in men’s ability to relate to women.

  • Understand how words and criticism can emasculate and wound and why men have difficulty expressing their feelings.

  • Explore the ways a mother relates to her son’s sexuality impacts their adult relationships.

  • Discover the importance of receiving a mother’s blessing and how you can bless the men in your life today.

What Women are saying

A terrific Workshop

Every woman owes it to herself to experience this terrific workshop. It offers opportunities for introspection, sharing and ultimately self-forgiveness. It’s time well spent that could impact relationships well into the future.

What a gift

This workshop allowed so many women to hear many perspectives and get an answer to the age old question: ‘Where’s the manual?’ This felt like a love-filled manual. What a gift to have this and still have time to make changes in my relationships.

It opened new possibilities

This workshop was everything I hoped it would be. It opened me to new possibilities and it showed me the places I need to work on in myself.


Char Tosi

Charlene Bell Tosi has a bachelor of science degree in nursing from Vanderbilt University; a master of science in educational psychology from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; doctoral studies in educational psychology at Marquette University and certificate in Jungian psychology from the C.J. Jung Institute in Evanston, Illinois. Char founded the Woman Within Training, which continues to offer the program to women across the United States, Europe, South Africa, and Australia. She is also the co-author of Women Empowering Women (Skills Workshop), Woman Within Level 2, Mother’s Shadow, Your Mothers Pillow, Couples Weekend 1 and 2 and the Sexual Self Workshop. She has a private in person and phone coaching practice and leads numerous workshops for couples, men, and women.

The cost

Sunday 14th November
08:00 – 14:00 MST

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Join Char to understand the deep wounds of men as they share their experiences with you...

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