Over the last 20 years, I’ve been privileged to work with thousands of women as a Certified Feminine Leader, Presenter, Facilitator, and Transformational Coach both with Woman Within International (WWIL) and in my private practice. 

From the UK to the US, South Africa, France, Germany and Australia, I have been lucky enough to travel the world with WWIL,  helping women to rebalance their masculine and feminine energy, so they can grow their confidence and become visible in a more authentic way, stepping into their radiance, beauty and power.

This is what I have learnt about us all as women and about what holds us back from feeling confident, fulfilled and visible:

We may look successful on the outside, but we often lack confidence and direction. We feel that we are destined for something more, but struggle to be fully seen and heard. 

We’ve been surviving in a man's world, but often feel exhausted, misunderstood and even bullied. We dream of taking our place, but we're afraid of being judged and of becoming visible. We desperately want to step out of the scared version of ourselves to feel confident, fulfilled and valued for all of who we are. 

We think that our lack of confidence comes from feeling unworthy or not good enough or from childhood wounds, and that is partly true, but there is an unspoken piece:  It is the impact of growing up, living and working in a masculine system of power - trapped because we are in reaction to a system that doesn't value who we truly are.  

I, like you, have struggled with these dilemmas, and I’ve found the way through. It is my great joy to be able to share what I have learnt, and to support you to find your way through, so that you too can discover your radiance, beauty and power.

My mission is to provide a space for you to do your own deep transformational work so you can fully express your own unique gifts and talents out in the world and realize your full potential.

So are you ready to:

  • live life from an inspired place, with passion and meaning.
  • be the best version of yourself, reigniting your spirit so that your essence can sparkle. 
  • bring your Masculine and Feminine energy into balance. 
  • communicate well. 
  • enjoy healthy, fulfilling relationships with yourself and others.
  • feel radiant and powerful

My mother tongue is English. I live in Switzerland and the South of France, and work in both French and English with women all over the world on Zoom.

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More helpful than I imagined

Kimberly McCollum

I recently completed a series of Woman Within Life Coaching sessions with Alison Davis. I was seeking support, information, and guidance as I navigate a significant transition and relationship challenges in my life. While the focus of the sessions was nothing like what I anticipated, the experience was more helpful than I imagined. I expected the sessions to focus on the specifics of my current situation, but the approach was more powerful than that. During our sessions, Alison shared several strategies that will be helpful throughout my life. I implemented the strategies immediately and Alison addressed questions and concerns that arose. She was attuned to my individual needs and made adjustments when necessary. She provided gentle encouragement, at times, to “stretch” a bit, which I appreciated. I am excited about the skills and strategies I learned. I feel empowered to use them on my own as I continue my journey of growth, healing and connection.

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For those on the Inspired Feminine Leadership Program, there is a single 90min session for $175 or a yearly package of $450 consisting of 3 x 90min sessions, available to you.

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