Are you finding yourself stuck in patterns that don’t serve you? Or are you looking to take the work you’ve already done on yourself to the next level? Is something not working and you can’t figure out why or where to go from here? Welcome! I’m here to help.

I love to help people tease out the various threads of their experience, examine deeply held limiting beliefs, and find out what’s driving them to live life in a certain way. I’m not afraid to ask the hard questions that will really make you think and evaluate yourself. Together we will dig deep to find those hidden truths that can be so hard to see without assistance. I listen deeply and use my intuition and experience to connect those dots that can just seem like scattered debris when you’re sitting in the midst of them. I will support and challenge you at the same time, and help you set appropriate boundaries if needed. Together we will make sense of where you are now and figure out a plan for where you want to be. 

In addition to my Woman Within certifications, which include Facilitator 3, Circle Guide, and Skills Presenter, I am a Certified Practitioner Coach with the International Association of Coaching. My life experience outside Woman Within includes moving to a new country and becoming fluent in the language, serving in the military, high school classroom teacher, women’s self-defense trainer, business owner, and 25 years of dealing with and ultimately recovering from chronic illness. I can help you on your journey, whether it’s about learning, adjusting, empowerment, health, or moving forward in new and exciting ways. 

Finding my authentic self, in all my light and darkness, has been the greatest and most rewarding journey of my life. It has enabled me to discover my passions and act on them to create the purpose, fulfillment, and joy I’ve always desired. I look forward to working with you in accessing and manifesting all of who you are. 

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