I’m glad that you are considering furthering your personal growth with the support of a Woman Within Coach.  I am an International Association of Coaching (IAC) Masteries Practitioner and have been involved with Woman Within (WW) since 2003.  I have served on the facilitation team for 14 years, staffing ~50 Weekends, and am a Facilitator 1 candidate. I have staffed many Woman Within Level 2 Workshops, WW One Day Staff Trainings, WW Circle Trainings, WW Skills Workshops, Couples Weekends and more.

I’ll be honest with you:  The personal growth journey isn’t always an easy one...and, it is rewarding beyond words!   Listen, I’ve been stuck; I’ve felt hopeless; I’ve felt despairing and confused...and, I have experienced the joy of real transformation.  Through my life experiences and experience in Woman Within, I have undergone real, positive changes in myself and my life.  So, I want you to know:  Things can change.  YOU can change.  There is hope, and a light at the end of the tunnel.  I’d be honored to walk beside you and support you as you navigate what is needed for you to become your most authentic, joyful, fulfilled self.

 My personal journey includes parents with addiction and mental health issues, personal and family divorce, caring for an aging parent, navigating the difficulties of being a step-parent, and surviving cancer and open heart surgery.  The silver lining to all of this is that I have life experiences that help me really understand what others have gone through and what they may be feeling/experiencing.  

Through all of my experience and work, I have gained the following skills that can be helpful to you as we work together:

  • Deeply compassionate and empathetic
  • Attentive, insightful listener who can hear what is not being said
  • Help bring things into the light
  • A creative guide
  • Honest, authentic and transparent - tells the truth - creates safety
  • Willing to look at self and do the hard work
  • Supportive
  • Tenacious - A lot of experience dealing with difficult situations and not giving up
  • Perseverance through difficult times, continuing to show up as the best version of self
  • Sense of humor
  • Good teacher of grit, resilience and anti-fragility

Here are examples of some of the things you can gain: 

  • Receive no-nonsense yet kind support
  • Acknowledge and really “own” your positive qualities, gifts, and uniqueness
  • Embrace your creativity
  • Get real/be honest with yourself
  • Get in touch with and speak your truth
  • Look at and improve how you show up in relationships; Connect more deeply with yourself and others
  • Examine what isn’t working in your life and make some real changes
  • Gain confidence; believe in yourself
  • Connect more deeply with your truest desires; get clarity and support around next steps to take
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Understand and integrate your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects
  • Shift from pessimism to optimism
  • Understand how recognizing and using Archetypes can support you

My hope for you in our working together:  that you will see, honor and embrace all of the goodness and power within you; that you will feel lighter, hopeful, and have clear direction; that you will see what an amazing, bad-ass, beautiful human being you are.

I am an empowered woman who loves animals, art, nature, and traveling; I enjoy a worldwide community of friends and am happily married. After working in medical research for many years, I have transitioned to a career as a freelance jewelry designer/maker.

My mission is to create beauty and connection.

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