“A (life) coach looks at your present to help you create the future you desire, while a therapist looks at your past to help you manage the present” - Tess Brigham

One of the hardest challenges I’ve experienced was when I was just 13. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and underwent a total hysterectomy. The beliefs I took on were that I was not a “real woman”, and mostly, that I was defective and broken. I suffered with these beliefs for many years. I started to experience a shift when I attended the Woman Within Weekend in 2003.  There, for the first time, I felt accepted as I was and included as a woman. I learned to let down the hard shell that I had built, and risk looking at the old pain and negative beliefs. I allowed myself to open to self-acceptance, owning and celebrating my femininity. I now know that I am a whole, loveable, real woman.  

I’ve experienced other difficulties too - and come through as a more resilient, strong woman: parents with addiction and mental health issues, personal and family divorce, caring for an aging parent, domestic violence, being a step-parent, and surviving cancer and open heart surgery.  Through those life experiences I have gained deep empathy and the skills to overcome transitions and challenges so that I can share those with you. 

My mission is to create beauty and connection.  I would love to help you:

  • Acknowledge and really “own” your positive qualities, gifts, and uniqueness so that you can celebrate who you are
  • Discover and connect more deeply with your truest desires; get clarity and support around next steps to take so that you can make the most of your life
  • Get real and be honest with yourself so that you can speak your truth and have better relationships - including with yourself.
  • Stop feeling broken or inferior so that you can be proud of who you are
  • Embrace your creativity - whatever that looks like - so that you experience more pleasure and lightness
  • Shift from pessimism to optimism so you feel lighter and more open to new perspectives and possibilities
  • Forgive yourself so that you can be kinder to yourself and others


What’s most essential to me as a coach:

Authenticity: By being authentic and honest with you, I can help provide a safe space for you to be honest with yourself and clearer on what you want

Compassion: I love to show up with true empathy and compassion, so that you feel understood and receive support that is kind. 

Humor: While I am serious about helping you, I find that humor can sometimes help you look at situations more lightly, and even have a little fun on this personal growth journey. 

Tenacity: I have experience in looking at my issues honestly and doing the hard work to experience a shift. I will walk with you when the going gets tough, and help you stay your course. 

My hope for you in our working together:  that you will see, honor and embrace all of the goodness and power within you; that you will feel lighter, hopeful, and have clear direction; that you will see what an amazing, beautiful human being you are.

A little more personal information about me: I am an empowered woman who loves animals, art, nature, and traveling; I enjoy a worldwide community of friends and am happily married. After working in medical research for many years, I have transitioned to a career as a jewelry designer/maker and coach.

I have been involved in Woman Within since 2003, staffing nearly 50 WW Weekends. I am a Woman Within Facilitator 1 Candidate, an International Association of Coaching (IAC) Masteries Practitioner, and have served on the Woman Within International Leadership Circle and Woman Within Western USA Board of Directors.

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