Woman Within International Terms of Use

Cancellation / Refund Policy

Refunds for live Courses

Refunds for pre-recorded programs 

Please ensure you understand the time zone prior to purchasing your course ticket

We will refund The Wisdom Hub fees to the buyer if a course is cancelled by The Wisdom Hub.

For exceptional circumstances, refunds will be dealt with on a person to person basis. Please contact [email protected].

Release Agreements

You understand that the live workshops are educational in nature and not a substitution for therapy.

You voluntarily consent to participate in workshops you have enrolled in.

You commit to arrive on time, prepared to begin at the appointed time of the live workshop.

You agree to keep the confidentiality of all that we do and hear of a personal nature, including not sharing the zoom link to the online program, not recording the program, and not taking screenshots at any time during the program.

You agree to have your cell phone with you at all times, but not to use it for anything unrelated to the workshop during live workshop hours.

You agree to stay in the zoom meeting for the duration of the live workshop, and if you must leave for any reason, to check out with the presenter or entire group.

You agree to be fully present by finding a quiet space and notifying my family not to disturb you, except in the case of an emergency.

You understand that all program materials are the intellectual property of the WWIL or the Presenter. The materials provided to you in the context of this live workshop are for your use only. These materials are not to be distributed by you in any form or by any means.

You understand that, in addition to the benefit, there is always the risk of emotional and/or medical contingencies in such a group experience. You assume the risk by this consent, of any accident or injury to yourself or inflicted by yourself during or after this workshop related to the material presented, and you hereby release the Presenter/s, staff, and Woman Within International, Ltd. from liability.